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Curtailed of Fair Proportion
Compubitch, Mistress of the Universe
Supernatural Almost (Sam/Dean NC-17) And the Midget Was the… 
27th-Apr-2006 03:04 am

Almost (Sam/Dean NC-17)
And the Midget Was the Baby Daddy (Sam/Dean NC-17)
Beach Blanket Poltergeist (Gen, Multi-chaptered, complete. R) Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3; Soundtrack, Research post.
Blowjobs and Sandwiches, though not together (Sam/Dean NC-17)
Deemed Salvageable (Sam/Dean NC-17)
Dummy With the Rapture (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
Full Tilt Boogie (Sam/Dean, Dean/Michael, Sam/Dean/Michael NC-17) Big Bang 2008
Hey Dad Speaking of Driving (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? (Sam/Dean, R, for essenceofmeanin's birthday)
I See You Better In the Dark (Sam/Dean, post-DT, sequel to Ruddy With the Light, NC-17)
Mojave (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
My Lovin' Spoonful (Dean/Henricksen, R)
Never Let Me Down Again (Crappy Music Dean Would Totally Never Listen To, Except When He Does) (Gen, Dean-centric, pre-series)
One More Cup of Coffee (For the Road) (Gen, John-centric, Stanford-era)
Ruddy With the Light (Sam/Dean, post-DT, sequel to The Miner's Lamp, PG-13)
Secondhand Smoke (Sam/Dean, for spn_remix, R)
The Knuckles of Skinnybone Tree Master Post (Sam/Dean, slight John/Dean, post-series, NC-17) Big Bang 2007
The Last Day (Sam/Dean, post-season 2, NC-17)
The Miner's Lamp (Sam/Dean, post-DT, PG-13)
Thermopylae (gen, post-Night Shifter, PG)
The Truth About the Tooth Fairy - Supernatural: (Dean/Sam) NC-17

Full Metal Alchemist
Dawn was on the Road - (Ed/Alfons, PG-13)
Rat's Alley - (Roy/Ed, NC-17)

Harry Potter
20_inkspots work (Draco/Luna, various ratings) Art/fic collaborations with shored.
A Historically Accurate Work With Hidden Meaning (Dean-centric gen, G)
All-In-One-Complete (Fred & George genfic, R)
Ambiguous (Remus/Tonks, R)
Casualties of War (HP/DM, RL/SB, slight RL/SS, NC-17) 13 chapters, complete. Approximately 77K words.
Dust (RL/SS, R)
Golden Eyes/The Scent of Him (Remus/Snape, PG)
hate myself - (Gen, Remus-centric, R)
Red (Spaces In Between) (Remus Lupin/Draco Malfoy, R)
Sixteen Years (Remus Lupin/Petunia Dursley, R) co-written with fatale
The Spinning World - Sequel to Casualties of War. Abandoned WiP. Approximately 68K words.
Window (HP/DM, NC-17)
When She Told Me (remix) (Harry/Draco, PG-13)

Not Yet (X-Force, Shatterstar/Rictor, R)
Mesa (X-Force, Shatterstar/Rictor, PG)

Drabbles and Shorts
Second Wave Feminism as a Monolithic Entity (Death Note, Matt/Mello, NC-17)
They'll Beat a Tattoo at 20 to 2 (Death Note, Matt/Mello, NC-17)


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