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13th-Jul-2009 05:47 pm(no subject)
My Big Bang posts on Wednesday!!! **seal noises**
19th-Feb-2009 10:05 pm(no subject)
**scuffles feet**


You know, I don't usually do these things because I already feel so completely spoiled with love and well-wishes. And now ... I dunno. I'm at a low point in whatever existential thing we're all cycling through, and it's all mental more than anything else, and ... yeah.
15th-Feb-2009 10:01 pm(no subject)
**bites lip** So I found the love that was left for me at the Valentine's Day love fest and was so thrilled, but was kind of amazed at this: When I think of you, I think of the wonderful line in Maya Angelou's poem 'Phenomenal Woman': "when you see me passing, it ought to make you proud."

I kind of want to get that tattooed on myself. To remind myself of, when I forget.

Thank you.
7th-Feb-2009 01:19 pm(no subject)
Shout out to the internet - does anybody have the preview for next week's episode of Supernatural? Pretty please?
Title: Dummy with the Rapture
Author: hansbekhart
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Summary: “There’s a room,” Castiel says, pressing his hand against his own chest, “in a house, in a town, where this man used to pray. Where he’d tell God every secret, unworthy thought he’d ever had and be forgiven for them. It matters, Dean. It matters to me that we are alone.”
Notes: Wow, it's been a long time since I've done this. Like, a really really long time. Thank you to essenceofmeanin for letting me bother her with this story and for looking over it for me. Feels good to be back, guys :).

The funny thing – and it is funny, there’s still a lot that Dean can find to laugh about, even now – the funny thing is that the apocalypse doesn’t happen all at once.Collapse )
19th-Nov-2008 07:32 am(no subject)
Space Ghost and I both survived yesterday intact, although he had a bit of a weird rash on his tummy until I hosed him with with cortisone. I think I might've hit a turning point, emotionally speaking. Not to say that I've changed my mind and suddenly want contact with him now or, you know, FUCKING EVER, but last time was the first time that I felt like someday, I wouldn't be so angry anymore. And that's good.

Didn't get too many DVD commentary questions, so I am asking/begging again! For The Knuckles of Skinnybone Tree and The Miner's Lamp stories - does anybody have any questions? Lingering confusions? Did you spot any errors that you want me to fess up to? Plots or lines that made you go WTF? Let me know! I am actually, for once, unlocking this post and inviting all comments.

**draws hearts around y'all**
20th-Sep-2008 10:51 am(no subject)
Happy birthday essenceofmeanin!! By which I mean, happy birthday sister!!

She won't see that until she goes back to Oregon, I'm betting, but it's the thought that counts. Currently, she's downstairs being aggressively snuggled by my dog.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!! Special thank you to the awesome apey1013 - I love the sketchbook!! It is amazingly fabulous and now I will have something to do one the plane! Thank you to my lovely moonys_autumn for the very sweet birthday card! Thank you to girlguidejones, rei_c, dodificus and smilla02 for the profile gifts! I feel very loved. My work treated me amazingly on my birthday - a seriously enormous balloon, two rubber duckies from England (my boss just came back from Europe. One's a beefeater and the other is the UK flag), a plate of cookies, TWO cakes, a card signed by everybody and a round of song. Cute Fish Boy brought flowers for me AND my sister (what a gentleman!) and picked out two astonishingly appropriate books for me, a history book about China and one by David Sedaris. He's a smart cookie, that Fish Boy. My sister gave me salt plates! Seriously. They're made out of Himalayan rock salt and you can actually cook on one of them. And the best present of all was one that I got for myself, which was a plane ticket for my sister to come down for our birthday. It is, as always, wonderful and amazing and fabulous to have her with me. We're hosting a birthday bonfire tonight and life is fabulous! I can already see that 24 is going to rock a lot harder than the grand disappointment that was 23.

Anyway, love to everyone! We still haven't seen the Supernatural premiere, which makes us terrible fangirls. We'll get to it.
5th-Aug-2008 10:17 pm(no subject)
So I am immensely thrilled to say that dodificus has recorded a podbook of my story, The Knuckles of Skinnybone Tree. I have a limited amount of time online (or at home, really) these days, but I have to admit, I sat down and listened to the entire thing in two long stretches, completely spellbound. She weaves in sound effects and snippets from the soundtrack around a beautifully read, wonderfully acted story that - in my own opinion - completely embodied the story and gave me, at least, an entirely new appreciation for it. So HOLY CRAP. GO DOWNLOAD IT SERIOUSLY. You can find all the download links here and tell dodificus what a fabulous, amazing job she did. cybel also created a podbook for it and a nifty iTunes artwork, which you can download here.

Now that I'm done gushing, I am also thrilled to announce that I'm playing Ask The Author this month at spnroundtable this month. You can ask me any question you like here, no holds barred, nothing sacred. I've already been asked what kind of underwear I have on, so!
Title: Full Tilt Boogie
Authors: hansbekhart & essenceofmeanin
Artist: ladyvyola (full post here)
Rating: NC-17 (Sam/Dean, Michael/Dean, Sam/Michael, Sam/Dean/Michael, Sam/OC)
Summary: There are only two kinds of secrets: the ones you keep, and the ones you shouldn't have at all. When Sam and Dean take Michel on his first hunt (that doesn't involve a shtriga), they end up on the psychedelic dance floor of a long-vanished motel where disco never died and no one is quite who they appear to be. What was supposed to be an easy salt and burn descends rapidly into a morass of temptation and gold lame, bell bottoms and lies. No one gets to choose what secrets stay buried.
Unless they don't mind checking in ... forever.
Notes: We'll be posting more in depth author notes at the end of the story, but we wanted to say thank you so much to a few people: girlguidejones, who was so helpful and patient with us, and absolutely invaluable during the writing process. ellipsisblack, for doing the sort of beta work that gives hansbekhart a nervous breakdown. ladyvyola for creating such wonderful, inventive art for the story. And last but not least, hansbekhart would like to thank essenceofmeanin. She knows why. There are two soundtracks, a funk mix made by hansbekhart and a rock mix by essenceofmeanin that are linked under the cut.

The moon was as big and round as a disco ball, the night that the Red Room burned to the ground.Collapse )
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