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Curtailed of Fair Proportion
Compubitch, Mistress of the Universe
October 13th, 2010 
Title: Come In, Please
Author: hansbekhart
Rating: R (violence, disturbing imagery)
Summary: "Never Have I Ever" is never a good idea. Arthur/Eames, Inception.
Notes: So I'm not dead, still. This is unabashedly the most romantic thing I've ever written. It still has dead bodies in it. Thank you as always to essenceofmeanin for holding my hand and pointing out my overuse of commas.

His movements around the flat are tidy, which is how Eames knows Arthur’s already drunk. Drunk and still able to murder three men in an alley. Maybe that’s the point of Arthur showing Eames this memory, like Eames doesn’t already know that Arthur is a very, very dangerous man.Collapse )
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